About Us

Our story began decades ago. After years of success in local businesses in poultry, tapioca, jute, and rice, we set up SinudomSurin Rice Mill Ltd. Partnership, believing it would play a leading role the community’s development in Surin, a province in the Lower Northeastern Region of Thailand.

At the beginning our wooden framed mill was composed of a steam-powered mechanism with a boiler and an incinerator fueled by rice husks.

Our rice business progressed steadily and we saw the need to build the second plant, more advanced, steeled structured, though with the same mechanism. We got evermore orders from rice exporters as our capacity doubled and local farmers’ productivity increased.

Then came the third mill. In fact, all the three mills were now given new locomotive organs with highly efficient but environment-friendly electrical motors as their main power source. Other supporting facilities such as four large paddy storage warehouses, two rice go-downs, two paddy dryer plants and a high-tech refinery section were built. We became one of the most advanced and highest capacitated enterprises in Thailand. As a result, several million tons of rice were milled and processed here.

Back then we sold mostly to major exporters based in Bangkok. Later we were chosen a major supplier of rice for the United Nations’ World Food Programme (UN / WFP). High volume deliveries were made each time and within a short period.

In 2003, Tek Seng Rice Mill Co., Ltd. was registered, and the fourth mill was built using advanced technology from Japan and Germany. We could reach 500 tons/day milling capacity through a fully automated, hidden system, together with rigorous quality control process. Since then Tek Seng Rice Mill Co., Ltd.’ s brands for Thai HomMali rice have been warmly accepted the world over.

With the know-how of three generations and the most advanced technology at hand, we are currently at the country’s front line in quality rice production.